Headlines | July 2, 2018


Why are so many black professionals disgruntled with the rate of progress?

The marketing and advertising industries are transforming. So why are so many black professionals disgruntled with the rate of progress? And is the quality of most of the work specifically directed at a black audiences still sub-par?

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South Africans difficult relationship with money

A new study released by Havas entitled Money, Money, Money: Attitudes Toward Credit, Consumption and Cryptocurrency, seeks to understand people’s complicated relationship with money.

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We like to borrow money, but don’t like to pay it back: South Africans’ Difficult Relationship with Money.

02 March 2017, Johannesburg, South Africa – 86% of South African consumers believe their lives would be better if they had less debt; yet only 24% would sell most things they own to get rid of debt. This, according to the latest Havas Prosumer Report entitled “Money, Money, Money: Attitudes Towards Credit, Consumption and Cryptocurrency.”

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How should data be used?

With the omnipresent nature of data and creative people being who they are, there are some new ideas floating around. This has led to some confusion as to how data should be used. The importance of data in the ad industry around the globe has gained popularity. With better tools coming onto the market, agencies which are devoted to sourcing qualitative data and clients savvier with regards to current trends, data has become an industry all on its own.

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Havas JHB reach top three in Creative Circle December TV award

Havas Johannesburg has pulled off a unique achievement, placing third in the Creative Circle’s December TV category, with a campaign that cost precisely nothing.

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Not ‘Super-Bowled’ over – a stage this big deserves better

First off, in the spirit of full disclosure, I haven’t the first clue how American Football works. To lapse into Americana, I’m more of a “soccer” guy myself. So let me use an appropriate analogy for the advertising aspect of the Super Bowl.


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Havas JHB Chief Creative Officer earns honour as judge on New York Festivals 2017 grand jury

Chief Creative Officer for Havas Johannesburg, Eoin Welsh, has been invited to be part of the Grand Jury at this year’s the New York Festivals.
The New York Festivals Grand Jury consists of more than 400 of the world’s most respected, award-winning Executive Creative Directors. This diverse group of top-level industry professionals determine the shortlist through two rounds of online judging sessions in over 70 countries.

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Havas Johannesburg – Universal Music Africa pay tribute to musical legend

Havas Johannesburg and Universal Music Sub-Saharan Africa have created a moving tribute to South African Jazz legend, Thandi Klaasen, who passed away earlier this month.


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Most South Africans ashamed of their country

Johannesburg – According to a newly released study, 74% of South Africans believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.

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Are South Africans ashamed of their own country?

A new study released by the Havas Creative Group seeks to understand how consumers are responding to intense change and uncertainty in their countries and how brands can help ease those concerns.

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