Headlines | December 4, 2018


Havas’ Tumi Sethebe Joins the New York Festivals 2018 Grand Jury

The New York Festivals International Advertising Awards (NYFA) has invited Havas Johannesburg Creative Director, Tumi Sethebe, to join its 2018 grand jury. Sethebe is the second creative from Havas Southern Africa to be part of the NYFA grand jury, with Chief Creative Officer Eoin Welsh having judged the 2017 rendition of the awards.


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Havas Boondoggle scoops gold, silver and the Best in Show at the 2017 MMA SMARTIES

Havas Boondoggle walked away with three golds, one silver and the coveted, Best in Show award at the 2017 MMA SMARTIESTM which were held last night at the The Capital Moloko hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg. The MMA SMARTIESTM are the only global awards programme that recognizes and celebrates innovation and creativity in mobile marketing.

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Transforming adland — straddling the line between utopia & reality

The transformation conversation in marketing and communications in South Africa has been confined to mostly black stalwart ad executives; there’s been much less engagement from us white ad execs. Now, the latter could be because of one of two reasons. One could be that the white execs think this topic should be led by black execs so they pass on the proverbial mic to them and give them the space to lead. The other reason could be, and it’s possibly the truer one, that the silence from us white execs is our disinterest in the matter. Ivan Moroke, CEO of Co-Currency, calls it “copping out”. This, frankly, does nothing to move the needle, and stagnates an industry that will most definitely become stronger if we get transformation right.

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Havas Scoops Gold at AMASA 2017 Awards

Last night, Havas walked away with a gold award at the Advertising and Media Association of South Africa (AMASA) 2017 Awards under the Pro Bono/ Cause Related category for #SheLovesBeer. The campaign was one of the two shortlisted under the category, beating Blood Lions’ LoveAfrica/ Wildlands campaign.


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We Denounce Feminism, But We Live By Its Fundamentals Of Equality: What Does The Future Hold In The Gender Battle In South Africa?

Gender is a battleground for many conflicts and lately, it has taken centre-stage as many people toy with the idea of gender being over. Havas’ recent Prosumer Report entitled, “The Future Is FeMale” deep dives into the attitudes of Prosumers* and mainstream consumers towards gender and the progress of mainstreaming gender equality into the lexicon of everyday life. The report is the latest from Havas’ Prosumer Report series.

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Havas Boondoggle shortlisted for 2017 MMA SMARTIES

19 September 2017, Johannesburg – Havas Boondoggle has been shortlisted for five awards in the 2017 MMA SMARTIESTM, the only global awards programme that recognizes and celebrates innovation and creativity in mobile marketing. The five shortlists are for The Big O, a campaign done in 2016 for condom brand, Durex. The MMA SMARTIES™ announced the shortlisted agencies and their campaigns last week, ahead of the final event set for a date in November 2017 where winners will be announced.


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Build Your A-Team

Frankly, the current way of working between marketing agencies and clients is in a state of flux and we are not sure what’s coming next. We have seen this before, but this time it’s different. We know that for marketing agencies, adding value is no longer a price nor capability consideration – those are basics that should always be right. It’s now about genuinely understanding the way people are consuming information and adopting a structure that enables this understanding. Agencies who are in that state of mind are the perfect partners, poised to help clients get ‘fluent in tomorrow’ and win for the future.

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Cannes 2017: A temperature check and a future-casting exercise

We’ve just come out of Cannes 2017. Planet Ad (aka Up Uranus) is still aflutter with opinions on what won, scrambling to identify trends, and general attempts to make sense of it all. Because Cannes is not just gongs, gutter bars and gallons of rosé wine. It’s the industry’s annual temperature check, the optimum chance to get a bird’s-eye view of what we do, what’s working, what’s not, and how (not to mention if) we keep ourselves relevant.

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What Price An Ad?

Economic recession and the march of technology mean clients want to see more bang for their buck. This may be straining their relationships with ad agencies, which will have to prove the value of their work.

Ad agencies will increasingly have to demonstrate greater return on clients’ investment as the country slips into recession, and price and capability are no longer the only key determinants in the relationship, says Lynn Madeley, CE of Havas Southern Africa.

Madeley believes agencies need to develop a better understanding of how people are consuming information, and adopt structures that enable that understanding.

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Havas PR Wins Awards for Rugby So Gay at Prisms 2017

Havas PR walked away with two silver awards for campaign of the year and PR on a shoestring at the recently held 2017 PRISA Prism Awards. The awards were both awarded to Rugby So Gay, a Jozi Cats Rugby Club campaign that sought to create a safe space for LGBTQIA+ people in rugby by challenging gay stereotypes.

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