Headlines | February 21, 2020


Havas appointed creative agency for Parmalat’s international portfolio in South Africa

Havas has been appointed as the lead creative agency for Parmalat’s international portfolio of brands in South Africa. Parmalat left their previous agency, King James, on 31st December 2017, and kicked off with Havas from 1st January 2018.

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iLife Shows Our Evolving Relationship With Technology

Havas’ latest Prosumer Report* entitled ‘iLife’ quotes 69% of South Africans as believing that increased dependence on technology is weakening human bonds. 51% are however hopeful that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be good for society. Tensions such as this are endemic in people’s evolving relationship with technology, and iLife delves into some of the nuts of bolts.

Speaking on the report, Lynn Madeley, CEO of Havas Southern Africa said, “In iLife, we fill the gap that resides between our excitement at cutting-edge technological advances and the usually exaggerated imagination of apocalyptic robotic domination depicted in entertainment. We zero in on the granular elements that reside between those two extremes and analyse how people interrogate and continue to ingrain technology into their lives.”

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Havas Appointed Creative Agency for Parmalat’s International Portfolio in South Africa

Havas Southern Africa is proud to announce that they have been appointed as the lead creative agency for Parmalat’s international portfolio of brands in South Africa. Parmalat left their previous agency, King James, on 31st December 2017, and kicked off with Havas from 1st January 2018.

“We are honoured and excited to introduce Parmalat to the Havas stable of partners. Havas is primed to handle FMCG giants such as Parmalat and we are sure that with the team we met and got well acquainted with during selection and onboarding, we will do amazing work. We look forward to a great partnership where we will challenge and push each other to achieve business success across the brand portfolio,” said Lynn Madelely, CEO of Havas Southern Africa.

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The ‘Last Post’ Re-Imagined: A Tribute to Hugh Masekela  

On 23rd January 2018, the great jazz legend and anti-apartheid struggle icon, Hugh Masekela, passed on. Bra Hugh was a hero to many – through his life as a struggle icon, and his genius as a jazz musician. To celebrate his life, Universal Music Group and Havas Southern Africa pay homage in sound, a language well understood and well mastered by the great man himself. The tribute marks the passing of a legend and celebrates a life well lived; an epitome of freedom both in his contribution to the anti-apartheid struggle and to jazz worldwide.

The tribute to Bra Hugh is a re-imagination of the Last Post, a ceremonial music call, traditionally done on a bugle. It is a sad, brassy sound, which was used to signal the end of a day during war-time, and over time has been appropriated to pay homage to respected veterans. In this tribute, trumpeter Adam Howard uses the flugelhorn and in true jazz form, improvises on the piece, Hugh Masekela-style. The result is a melancholic sound, peppered with the hops and skips that we have all come to associate with the sound of Bra Hugh.

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Havas Southern Africa Appoints Joint Executive Creative Directors

Havas is proud to announce the appointment of Tumi Sethebe and  Fiona O’Connor as joint Executive Creative Directors to lead creative out of the Havas Southern Africa stable. O’Connor and Sethebe will be taking over the reins from Eoin Welsh, who  will be leaving the agency group at the end of 2017 to pursue passion projects. Welsh had been the Chief Creative Officer at Havas since 2013.

Speaking on the announcement, Lynn Madeley, CEO of Havas Southern Africa bid farewell to Welsh and said, ‘We are grateful for everything Eoin has done for the Group and we will certainly miss him. His departure gives us the opportunity to flatten our structure further and become even more focused on being future-fit.’

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Six SA judges selected for NYF’s grand jury

2018’s grand jury is comprised of chief creative officers, executive creative directors, creative directors, art directors, copywriters, executive producers, and marketing/PR pro’s all playing a pivotal role in selecting the winners. “New York Festivals is honoured to have these prominent industry creatives participate on the 2018 grand jury. This 300-strong creative jury were all nominated by their peers, creatives who were judges themselves last year, and are respected globally for their innovative work and award-winning creative talent,” said Michael Demetriades, president/executive director of New York Festivals International Advertising Awards.

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Havas on SAFM discussing transformation

Havas Southern Africa CEO Lynn Madeley, joins the show on the line to discuss transformation in the marketing industry.

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Havas Southern Africa: A Profile

A profile on Havas Southern Africa

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#MeToo is about changing behaviour

First published in Mail&Guardian, 1 December 2017

A month ago, more than 1.7-million #MeToo tweets from 85 countries had been published by people identifying as, or aligning to, victims of unwanted sexual misconduct.

According to PRCO Studio, as of October 18, about 30% of them were men. At about the same time, Facebook announced that there had been more than 12-million mentions of #MeToo within 24 hours by 4.7-million users worldwide.

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Transforming makes business sense, industry must realise

The new broad-based black economic empowerment codes may be steep but they are not unfair — it’s about time

The transformation conversation in marketing and communications in SA has been confined to a few black stalwart advertising executives, the likes of Ivan Moroke, Monalisa Zwambila and Ahmed Tilly. There’s been much less engagement from white advertising executives. This could be because white execs think this topic should be led by black execs, so they pass the proverbial mic to them and give them the space to lead. The other reason — possibly the truer one — could be that the silence from white execs reflects a lack of interest in the matter.

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