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Our Purpose

Our mission is to make a meaningful difference to the businesses, the brands and the lives of the people we work with.


Our Essence

There are a few things that make Havas genuinely a bit different.

Firstly, we are a part of one of the six big global networks, but Havas is the smallest, and weirdest of the networks. So it’s really not like the other five at all…

Secondly is our “village” concept. We are a strongly entrepreneurial business (perhaps because we are the smallest of the networks) and have ALL the resources from media to PR to strategy and creative under one roof. This means that your
PR person can shout across to the media person or the Creative Director when they have an idea or a problem, And that kind of integration works.

Thirdly we are part of the Vivendi Group. Vivendi own Universal Music, Gameloft developers as well as TV channels & movie production studios of course as Havas. This gives us unique learnings from the world of entertainment that we see as essential
to creating communications for today’s world.


This is what we do.

And why we say that we’re:



Lynn Madeley CEO
Havas Southern Africa
Lynn Madeley CEO
Havas Southern Africa

Lynn is the Havas Southern Africa Chief Executive Officer.

Lynn is a market specialist with experience in advertising and marketing across various African countries.

She has worked in London, in Asia while based in Hong Kong and currently in Africa based in South Africa.
Madeley has significant experience in bringing global standards to local businesses.

She has a genuine desire to fulfil the potential in the people, clients and brands she works with, which allows her to create a positive energy in a demanding environment.

Currently responsible for all the Havas companies for Southern Africa including traditional, digital, media and public relations.

John Davenport CCO
Havas Southern Africa
John Davenport CCO
Havas Southern Africa

1998 to 2000 – Copywriter at Ogilvy

2000 to 2006 – Copywriter at Hunt Lascaris

2006 to 2014 – CD at Network BBDO

2014 to 2018 – Founded and ran Ireland / Davenport

2018 to present – CCO Havas

John is a specialist creative with an emphasis on the big, powerful idea. He believes that creativity is a powerful business tool that can give brands a business edge over their competitors.

After becoming one of South Africa’s most awarded creatives he and his partners were given the opportunity to start Ireland / Davenport. Over the course of 14 years it was voted agency of the year 3 times, most recently in 2018 (Small agency of the year). He ran clients ranging from Vodacom to BMW to Standard Bank and Investec during this time.

He is currently responsible for all creative output at Havas, and working with the team to fully leverage the strength of the Vivendi group in SA by using the music and gaming businesses to build deep and meaningful connections between brands and consumers.

Beverley Jones Chief Operations Officer
Havas Southern Africa
Beverley Jones Chief Operations Officer
Havas Southern Africa

Beverley joined Havas Johannesburg in January 2014 as Client Service Director.

Beverley has been in the communication arena for over 26 years, both on the advertising and client side. Beverley has vast experience in running local and multi-national business, as well as the management of agencies and staff.

Prior to joining Havas, Beverley headed up the portfolio consisting of Renault and the L’Oreal business at Publicis, including handling all client contract and fee negotiations. Beverley’s tenure at TBWA/Tequila was focussed on repositioning the agency from a TTL offering to a purely digital offering.

Whilst on the client side, working at MTN, one of Beverley’s notable contributions was launching “Pay as you Go” – a first into the South African market.

Beverley’s passion lies in partnering with clients to ensure that they achieve their communication objectives.


Larry Khumalo Head
Havas PR
Larry Khumalo Head
Havas PR

“To never be found tilting at windmills”

Larry Khumalo heads up Havas PR.

He is an International Relations and Communications & Media Studies scholar, an alumni of Monash University.

He has worked with local and global organisations covering business-to-business, business-to-consumer and public organisations.

Larry believes that brand storytelling means nothing if it does not speak to a solid narrative that stems from business objectives. For almost a decade he has applied that principle, working with luxury brands, premium brands, not-for-profit brands, research specialists, across numerous categories in South Africa and beyond.

Larry works with a team of passionate communications specialists who bring together a wealth of experience across all marketing functions to help clients best connect with their target audiences and share their stories.

From media relations specialists, copywriters, to designers and digital specialists, Havas PR is poised to give clients nothing short of complete communications solutions that embolden them to create and be at the centre of cultural storms.

Fiona O'Connor Executive Creative Director
Havas Johannesburg
Fiona O'Connor Executive Creative Director
Havas Johannesburg
Fiona gets very upset if you spell her surname without the apostrophe.
She has worked at agencies across Johannesburg on brands ranging from cars and cargo to fast food and FMCG, and has loved every minute spent on each one.
Fiona is passionate about creating great work, as well as getting others to be passionate about the same thing.
She really loves a great idea first thing in the morning, and two more with each meal throughout the day.
Some have described her as “a bit picky”, and it’s been suggested that she speaks her mind a lot.
She’s a bit of a grammar pedant, and isn’t even a writer. Though she has been much of her career in close proximity to many of them.
Fiona can move small objects with her mind, but only when nobody is looking.
Kerryn Clayton New Business Director
Havas Southern Africa
Kerryn Clayton New Business Director
Havas Southern Africa
Kerryn joined Havas Johannesburg in May 2013 as a Business Unit Director. She took over the new business portfolio at the beginning of 2019.
Kerryn has been in the advertising industry for 20 years and has strong experience in client relationship management . She has led a number of large pieces of businesses across FMCG, Travel and Tourism, Financial Services and Automotive.
Kerryn works hard at developing and maintaining strong client relationships, she is passionate about making sure that the work meets the client’s communication objectives.


We provide our clients with a full range of integrated tools and services across multidimensional platforms. All designed to put our clients at the forefront of the world of marketing – and keep them there, no matter what the challenges that ever-changing world throws their way, at any time.



Big, integrated ideas across all communications platforms.

Football field. Symbolizing strategy Brand Strategy

The crucial insights that lay a foundation for all creative thinking.

Social Marketing

Ideas that speak the language and spark the conversations of today and tomorrow

Direct Marketing

Lasting relationships that are built one loyal customer at a time.

PR & Corporate Communications

Powerful storytelling and narratives to put clients at the center of cultural tides

Over-the-shoulder image of a video editor in our content studio MILLENNIAL & MULTICULTURAL EXPERTS

We bring an unmatched understanding of the new emerging consumer and the new American diversity

Web interface of a brand design color palette Brand Design

Brand identities that are built to last, because they build brand equity.

gears and a brain stylistically together Analytics & Decision Sciences

Data transformed into actionable insights.

Person writing date on sticky note Engagement Planning

Shaping more meaningful brand experiences.

Product Development

Our Service Design ethos, ideology and pragmatic application create fertile ground for new product ideas

Image of a tablet laying on a table ( a device where digital commerce occurs). Digital Commerce

Integrated platforms that allow brands to merchandise strategically and effectively.

Hand interacting with mobile device Mobile Marketing

Mobile solutions that seamlessly engage consumers with branded experiences.

Sticky notes from an experience design working session Design Thinking

Design Thinking is the methodology used by our teams to solve complex problems, and find desirable solutions for our clients


Want to build a great future-proof brand? Start with great tools. In the hands of smart collaborators, our proprietary tools provide an incomparable source of knowledge – the best foundation for ground-breaking, world-beating ideas.

The CBI is the foundation of our success in building great businesses. It generates differentiating ideas by bringing together strategic planners and clients in the most imaginative development process
Prosumers are leading-edge consumers making and breaking markets today. To understand a category, you have to follow these influencers very closely. Our Prosumer database of 55,000 people around the world allows us to predict future attitudes and trends
This tool enables the crucial analysis of communication conventions. The in-depth study of visual and verbal codes allows us to identify emerging trends and fresh ways of looking at each category
We track each brand’s position in the marketplace by measuring its traction against that of its competitor's. As in political polling, we can accurately measure brand consideration, or how consumers are likely to vote

Our Work